Everywhere we turn there is a complex equation at work to make possible that seemingly insignificant moment of existence. Historians and the “educated” of the world claim we are here as the result of a “big-bang” or “random” crash of atoms (which have no intelligence) that evolved to the highly complex organisms we are today. Any Intelligence or intelligent being cannot be the result of the lack of intelligence or single cell or atom which is impossible. It has never been observed in any laboratory or situation on earth that a single cell evolves into more than it already is. Some might argue that we are created from a single cell that grows up into a human being but that logic is highly flawed as there are intelligent blueprints embedded into the cell that creates a human being, the cell did not create it, a higher intelligence did. In fact, it is the energy of several sources that create a human being, not just the sperm and the egg. A spiritual energy must be embedded or imprinted onto the new life being generated to give it a unique character and have traits all its own which came with it from another source. All of this happens by innumerable complex mathematical equations and forces only a higher intelligence can direct and set in motion. I call that higher power or intelligence God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 KJV

Most of what I have learned and will share are not theories or beliefs but facts that I know are true. I cannot believe in something I know as an absolute truth, it is fact in my eyes therefore I do not require belief to know it is so. Facts are provable and irrefutable statements that are “generally accepted” as true. However, the term “generally accepted” is a lose term and truths are often subdued and hidden by those who have the power to do so for their own gain, control or other ulterior motives. For instance; vast knowledge was attained by the Egyptians in order to build their magnificent pyramid structures. It was taught to them by someone else or by a higher intelligence. It would seem that it would be very difficult to hide the knowledge they had to move the millions of stones that weighed several tons each that it took to build the pyramids in such a perfect fashion and in such a short time in their day, many had to know how to move those stones. But somehow, the information was lost or as I presume, destroyed or hidden. Historians would have us believe they did it with rope, stones, logs and other caveman type tools which is at best ludicrousness and impossible, but, they tell us what they want us to believe and expect us to believe, because they said so. Modern experts have tried to replicate or attempt to accomplish the moving of these large stones with modern machinery and they can’t even come close to what the Egyptians did thousands of years ago. Just as in the media or anything we have been told by the government, scientists and medical doctors for the past many decades, nothing adds up, nothing is proved just stated as facts and it is expected that we believe it. In fact now the “conspiracy theorists” have more credibility and make more sense than the official explanations given. Generations of the past have gobbled up all the false gobbledygook and swallowed it till it became part of them and they are now sick and dying because of it. Blinded by the lies of the deceivers and the “evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days” (D&C 89:4), most of the populous don’t even know they have been taken advantage of and brain-washed. It sickens me to no avail that the preventable is almost too far gone now to be cured of lifelong habits that only endanger and hurt everyone.

I mean no disrespect for those caught up in the lies and still sleeping in their comfortable belief system. It is very hard to tear yourself away from what you perceive as reality and go into an unknown place where only real truth resides. The fear of the unknown is one of the greatest tools the elitists use to try to control us.

Also, I never intend to offend anyone but only want to offer alternative explanations or solutions which are the things I have learned and observed that do nothing but destroy, confuse and make us subservient to the powers that be. If you feel offense towards any of my posts know that I love you and only wish to possibly be a source that you may use to learn what is really going on in this world we live in. Offense is a personal choice; I do not and will never have those kinds of powers. If you are offended I would suggest you ask yourself why you are offended and see if there may be something personal you need to take a look at instead of being offended by something posted on this site. We are surrounded by hypocrisy and lies and we have to learn how to filter information to see what is absolute truth and not just someone’s idea, opinion or false information to make you believe what they want you to believe. We must band together like brothers and sisters and spread the word!

Back to the math: Math is used against us in an innumerable amount of ways. There are organizations dedicated to poll us, learn our habits, and see how we respond to things. Then, off of the information they glean they devise a plan to use fear, guilt, race, “protection” or any of the lower frequency control methods the adversary uses to control us. Just look at every election and the “polls” that take place which are highly biased and controlled to give them the outcome their handlers paid them to get. Control is an illusion however those stuck in a false reality are controlled very easily. Look at what has happened over the past two decades. In the name of “protection”, the rights of the American people have dwindled as thin as a thread and soon if we stay on this path we will be a policed state and at civil war. Older generations allowed this to happen from FEAR and in the name of our “protection” to sign laws in like The Patriot Act & NDAA which took a large chunk of our privacy and liberties from us. To sign pacts with the UN, create Homeland Security and the TSA. But, But, But.. we have to be protected from the terrorists!! Right?? They put out stats every year on the amount of “terrorists” they stop, that number is as close to zero as it gets. It is to police us, not them. Once you remove the veil of muck placed on you by years of sewage being poured over your eyes you’ll see the patterns of the elite and how and why they have done what they have done. You’ll see that the terrorists lie within our gates and command our helms aiding the ones standing outside who are waiting for the invitation or order to come in. You’ll see what the food industry has conspired against us who they call “useless eaters” to weed us out or thin our numbers, that is the only reason someone would approve all the harmful techniques and chemicals that are in our food that was once good and pure. A hundred of years of contamination has nearly wiped out all of the farm land and companies like Monsanto have contaminated the very germ or seed that creates the food we eat by genetically modifying it and bastardizing it till it is no longer the food it once was. Obesity, Disease and Malnutrition is ever increasing and it is all due to the nutrient deficient foods the average American consumes. They have calculated the risk of the public finding out the truth and they know their risk is low. They label those who do find out as radicals or crazy people just looking for a conspiracy to pick up and make up stories about, beware of agencies that label people like this. They have the USDA, FDA and GOV in their pockets. They have an ace, king, queen and jackwagon up their sleeves and they won’t stop till they have world domination of all food sources.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” -Henry Kissinger

Legislation is even being proposed to halt people at their homes from growing their own food! Of course they pass it off and claim they are trying to feed the overpopulated world!! Laugh Out Loud! Just like for our protection our rights are eroded with thunderous applause, our food supply is destroyed with grand acceptance and ignorance.

It is time for everyone to wake up and get out of their dull cow eyed mentality and get out of your comfort zones. It is time for all who value anything good, lovely or beneficial to human kind to get off their couches and research the items we will discuss in this site. I welcome all comments from any perspective and I know all truth has to eventually come to the same conclusion. Absolute truth does not have an agenda, it does not have multiple interpretations or meanings, it has a singular point of perfection however, we have to be intelligent enough to get to that point. Maybe with the help of each one of us we can find that singular point of convergence and create insurmountable obstacles for those who wish to continue the constant bombardment of lies, deceits and propaganda. This is my prayer and purpose for this site. Until it gets shut down or I am imprisoned for telling the absolute truth, I will share what I learn with you.

May God bless you and may you have the desire to learn the truth in all things.