There is a theory, a good theory since it works so I suppose it is no longer a theory but a fact. The theory is, Fake it Till Ya Make it and yes, it does work.. to an extent. There are a few people in my life that are always seemingly a ray of sunshine and they do not believe in low frequencies or negativity in any amount. They walk around every day looking at the sky and saying how wonderful the sky is and how beautiful the sky is and how we are blessed to have a sky over our heads that loos so wonderful and beautiful. If any rain cloud decides to rain on their self-created glorious day they just wisp those bad bad hum drum clouds away in their little bitty sunshine and rainbows head and boom like magic it’s a wonderful and beautiful day again! Even though on the inside those rain clouds are still storming and thundering and flashing lightening all over the place!

Problem: Avoidance is never the cure.

I have played the avoidance game. I have avoided the rain clouds and possible confrontations or un-fun interactions. I mean, if you don’t go near that person then you’ll not ruin your happy happy joy joy day right? And the problem will just go away and fix itself all on it’s own. Since problems are often the cure for themselves. Like a dam developing cracks, all the sudden heals itself and stops all hell from letting lose. NO! That will never happen, it goes against any logical method of problem solving. Especially when there is more than one human involved it requires relating to the other party and both parties to be able to relate to each other in a civil and intellectual way. Two independent emotional beings trying to relate.

Dang it! Why can’t I just make believe my own reality and make it so?! Quantum physics seems to support the theory of making my own reality what literally exists in time and space. Since in Quantum physics results of tests are determined by the environmental stability and conditions. Meaning, if the environment changes so does the result of the test. So if the test subject has the will to modify it’s own belief about reality then the results change? I suppose this may work for some intelligences such as a molecule or atom or proton, but human beings are different. We stuff our emotional distress deep down inside our inner being. Something happens and we stuff it, something else and we stuff it on top of the thing we just stuffed till there are so many things down there we explode! Natural cause and effect reaction? I know that happens when I put too many of those springy snakes into a can. Once I open it they go everywhere! Maybe if I alter my way of thinking and believe… no I know that those snakes won’t pop out because I believe.. excuse me.. know they won’t come out because I have convinced myself that they will stay put. Will it happen? Can it happen? I actually do believe that we have more power over elements than we currently understand so I would answer yes, it could happen, in a different plane of existence though since we are limited to the amount of knowledge we currently posses. We need a much higher power/authority to be able to modify what we think of as matter. My point here is that no matter what we do to convince ourselves that all is peachy in the world we are just fooling ourselves and setting ourselves up to a much grander demise later on.

Case in point: Jane (the name has been changed so her rain clouds don’t get disturbed too much) has been on this life journey to help out the world through her accumulation of health related information. Her life motto is in a nutshell, “Fake it Till Ya Make It” and she is in a world of gum drops and lollipops (well if they are non-gmo, organic and all natural). To someone she is teaching she is the greatest thing since Gandhi and she is funny and entertaining and all the good things you want in someone teaching you about health. She really knows her stuff on health and wellness but outside of the seminar and training life she attempts to be a business woman as well. Some of us can wear many hats and actually pull it off. Some of us have been blessed with talents and skills that help us do many things, she is no exception, she can do a lot of things however people skills were never in her array of blessings because she chooses to try to control everything. Control is a false belief, none of us have control over much and much of what we think we have control of is an illusion. On a business level she is an abusive tyrant and if you don’t do things her way she turns into a dragon and sprays her low frequency generating ectoplasm all over everyone. You get the picture, her public side is bright and shiny with rainbows and kittens… business side, well, another person. But she puts out her weekly newsletters/articles and this week it was hilarious and disturbing to read the hypocrisy. It is good she is lacking in people skills or people would really know who she was and it would be hard for her to gain a following since she doesn’t really practice all she preaches. In her newsletter, Jane exclaimed from the rooftops how important it is to have high frequencies all around us and ignore or eliminate all the low frequencies in your life. I know Jane has a tremendous amount of negative low frequencies buried within her waiting to infect some unsuspecting poor soul. Blame is placed on any possible source of discomfort. Oh they did this so I am the victim, or this happened to me boo hoo hoo.. She may be able to fake it, but deep down she is drowning in her own self imposed victim mentality. It is just a matter of time till her stash of ash consumes her and eat her alive.

So what’s the cure? How do we still be happy or appear happy and cheery all the time no matter what? Is that even possible? Sure it is, but I think you have to take a different perspective, you cannot play the victim, you cannot shove your feelings and emotions anywhere in your person. You have to let it all out! You know the song, “Shout, Shout, Let it all out”! Ok, I know this song has nothing to do with what I am talking about but really, you have to let it all out! Get all that negativity out and release it. Pretending that everything is ok only benefits those you come in contact with and does nothing or little for yourself because you are still hurting whether you realize it or not! Realize it or not? How can you hurt if you don’t realize there is something to hurt for? It’s easy really. We don’t consciously remember every event that has ever happened to us in this life, photographic memory people aside. So all those little things (playing the victim) that happened to us when we were little are still there, they are deep inside us avoiding our memory because it was too painful to store in the conscious mind. We have two minds, conscious and subconscious.. I suppose unconscious could be a third mind but lets not go there. So all these things big or small are still there and effect our lives in some way.  It is effecting every thought, every action, every single thing you set out to do, it is still part of your own frequency and energetic projection. One of my  gifts is that I can feel or discern the state of others, well when I am paying attention that is. One time I shook someones hand and I felt their abuse, it was a very interesting experience. It is a touchy subject, noticing something about someone else that isn’t that flattering can make you a bad guy really fast. Believe me, labels stick like concrete sometimes, if you have extra senses you know what I mean. I suppose that goes along with the gift. I am not trying to appear self-righteous or pompous but like an artist knows how to do what they do, I know how to use my gifts as well. If we embrace our gifts and use them for good only good can come from it. I occasionally try to help someone by pointing out, tactfully at first, that their behavior isn’t really matching what is going on inside.  I get in trouble sometimes when I try to help, then I am the bad guy and lose friends over it, but I have to be honest, it is part of me, I have embraced who I am and why I am here and one thing why I am here is to help. I don’t always go about it the best way but I can only be “nice” for so long. If someone doesn’t get what I am trying to help them understand the gloves have to come off and the naked truth has to come out. Most take the truth harshly, as if I am attacking or insulting them, as if I have just sent the most heinous insult they have ever received. I am use to that response now, I chose to not let it bother me so it doesn’t. So by me choosing to not let it bother me am I also stuffing it? No, we can deflect and not let comments, actions or anything someone else does enter us. Yes we can create a force-field around us! We have to choose what we allow to become part of us. Like vampires, we have to invite it in. We have to allow it and submit our will to it in order for it to be stuffed and become part of us. It isn’t that hard, it is a personal choice you have to make but it does take practice, lots and lots of practice. This is the cure, immediate rejection of harmful forces/energies/frequencies and send them back where they came and cleaning out your closet of doom!

So don’t stuff it, fake it till ya make it, or anything like that on all bad things. Get rid of it, move on and expel all else. Maybe save a few skelletons for when the timing is right so you don’t ruin your eye-liner or break down in front of your kids which kinda freaks them out. But eventually you must Get it out! Let it Out! Remove the negativity and allow light to enter your whole being. Don’t let the darkness enter in, it does much much more than any of us realize.

I enjoy your comments if you have any you would like to share.