You know that phrase, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” is the definition of INSANITY! And who said that? Albert Einstein, one of my most favorite persons from history. That man was/is on a completely different enhanced level that I hope to one day attain. In the mean time, I have to keep re-learning things I thought I had already learned. The problem is recognizing exactly what it was that I needed to learn.insanity

We keep meeting new people that are in need of our services, knowledge, experience, etc. We keep feeling the need to help them, you know, to move them out of their current patterns. I am a pattern junkie and I see them everywhere and the ones in my own life I seem to have the worst time deciphering.

Tonight we had what seemed to be a spark of genius! These people that we keep meeting that are somewhat self-inflicted victims of their own unaware universe and we feel we have to help them, almost at all cost. We end up becoming taken advantage of, marginalized and practically ridiculed for our efforts to help them. I suppose help is a relative term, one mans help is another mans hindrance or annoyance. I prefer to think of us as more of an aid to help them become more aware of the reality that surrounds them. I am a big fan of anyone letting me know something I do or have not realized about myself, i.e., negative patterns that hurt me. I welcome it and am grateful for those who have the guts to talk to me and let me know what is wrong with me! However, I do not enjoy those who feel it their duty to berate, yell and belittle me in the process of telling me how much of a horrible person I am. So, back to our spark of genius! We have concluded that it is our location that is creating this repeating pattern or eddies of stupification! It is time to get out of dodge and test the waters elsewhere.

Our next experimental design will be out of this state and may be for good if we find a welcoming place where we can contribute to society and feel like we at least partially belong. So long two-faced back-stabbers and unappreciative self-sacrificial lambs! Entitled uneducated assuming idiots please step aside. In the words of Jim Carry in The Mask, “Hold on to your lug-nuts.. it’s tiiiiime for an overhaul!!!”


We will miss those who we have had meaningful and beneficial relationships with… oh wait.. We will miss those who drop in unannounced to say hi or make the long journey of an entire county away to come to events that we hold precious.. oh wait.. We will also miss all those who support us and carry us to the next level… oh wait.. We will definitely miss all those caring and loving family members who make us feel welcome and love us for who we are, not what you want us to be… oh wait.. It may appear that we are playing the victim but it is the opposite, we are fighters and we’ll survive and try to help those who want to be helped.

NOTE: I don’t mean to sound all inclusive, there are those who we will be close with no matter the distance and you know who you are. Thank you for all you have and will do on our behalf, we love you and are grateful you are “involved” in our lives at some level. Take care and God Bless.