It is amazing to me how much a troubled youth can skew ideas about reality for a lifetime. All of my youth was spent dragged down the MLM/Network Marketing road by my father who is a die-hard MLM fanatic. I always believed in his “plans” to make a better life for all of us but it never actually happened. As I grew into a young man and saw my father lose everything more than once the flavor of that type of occupation grew a sour note and inevitably I hated everything about MLM/Network Marketing. It was evil and lowly to me and I learned to despise even the mention of anything resembling the structure or feeling MLM gave me. My father continued to attempt to lure me into different schemes or “get rich quick” ventures and at times succeeding but for the majority of it all I turned a cold shoulder to it and even grew tired of discussing anything about business with him. He turned into that person that you avoid at all costs and would never believe a word he says because so many times expectations and promises were left unfulfilled and tainted with hits of deceit.

I tried on numerous occasions to persuade him by joining these companies that they were corrupt, that they had ulterior motives and would collapse in due time. Each time they collapsed and I lost what I put in and of course their hopes and dreams were dashed to pieces and they could never see why. I warned them but they did not listen. I showed them the signs of the ponzi and ridiculous amounts of promised fortunes that the best market in the world could never yield in a lifetime let alone in the promised 60-90 days. Time and time again they fell and are still falling down the rabbit hole only to continue to be pained by more pin strokes of pointless gambling. It is an addictions really when you look at it. An addiction to untapped wealth and stability; every mans dream I suppose.

Early this year in February I was approached by someone in my neighborhood about helping them with technical aspects of a business they were trying to get going. I am what you might call a professional consultant to business entrepreneurs. For twenty years I have been involved with countless start-ups and virgin ventures to which I help them construct all aspects of business. I have gotten pretty good at predicting the outcome of these companies since all companies follow patterns of success largely affected by their own demeanor, business practices, personal habits, funding, choice of partners/employees and so on, you get the picture. Also as a little more information on my experience, I have been involved in raising capital for a few pre-start-ups over the past five years both of which were never funded for reasons of a personal nature; meaning the partners had personal issues that predetermined their fate. I wish I had just accepted my diagnosis earlier but things happen for a reason and all my cumulative experience has driven me to the point I am now experiencing, another new adventure in business building. As you may have gathered I loathe “biz ops” that try to sell me some stupid overpriced product that promise grand returns by just helping a few people. I don’t know of anyone who have not been approached by a family member or friend to try to get them to join their “network” of people to create residual income. I could not tell you how many times I have been approached and it is somewhat embarrassing to admit how many times I entertained the ideas especially since I know what I know about “real” business.

Here’s the crazy thing! EVERY BUSINESS THAT IS  SUCCESSFUL RUNS ON A MLM/NETWORK MARKETING STRUCTURE!!! Think about it! Pick any company, non-profit, church, government, organization, community, prison, civilization, etc, you get the point. All of them have someone running it and they seem to have the most privileges, most notoriety and most wealth right? All of them have one, two, three or a whole bunch of people directly under them, usually called advisors or vice presidents or board members, lets just call that their first level of people under them. Sure some of these groups are not for profit but the structure is still the same, there is still a line of authority and the one at the top has the most. Now these first level people have to have people supporting them as well, those under them would be their first level however the main person would now have a second level. Usually the third level people would only answer to the second level people and the second level people would only answer to the first level person right? Unless there was an open door policy and anyone can talk to anyone at any point in time but there still exists a proper line and the top always have more than the bottom. Someone once calculated that if you were to start with one person and that person put two people under them, then those two people put two people under them and so on to the 32’d level, that would include all the people alive in the world today. So the theory and one of the biggest lies someone will tell you about MLM/Network Marketing is that no matter what, only the top people make all the money and the bottom people make the least. Well literally that is true but that is only natural. Their intention for telling you this is to make you think that MLM is a bad word and it is intentionally creating slaves to produce massive wealth for the top positions. DUH! That is natural selection, that is honest to goodness how it is suppose to and should work. Lets look at the successful businesses you may know of, take Apple for instance. Steve Jobs had a vision of the future and he sacrificed and acted on it and created one of the largest and most successful companies in the history of the world. Sure he had a few bumps along the way but could you honestly say because he is at the top and made the most money that he was a bad guy and didn’t deserve it? It was his idea! He jumped out of the box and created his own destiny and all those that followed him also made a lot of money along the way.

What about other organizations I mentioned? Lets look at the government. Right now things are as corrupt as they ever have been so how things are right now is not how they are intended to be. In fact government was never intended to have more power than the people. So bad example, lets look at a church, how about the catholic church, I like to pick on them.

“The Catholic Church describes as its hierarchy its bishopspriests and deacons.[1][2] In the ecclesiastical sense of the term, “hierarchy” commonly means the body of persons who exercise authority within a Christian church.[3] In the Catholic Church, authority rests chiefly with the bishops,[4] while priests and deacons serve as their assistants, co-workers or helpers.[5] Accordingly, “hierarchy of the Catholic Church” is also used to refer to bishops alone.[6]” ~ wikipedia

So clearly there is an order or hierarchy that dictates power, privilege, money, etc. MLM/Network Marketing is all over the place, in fact the only businesses or organizations that work well are ones that are arranged like this as long as the top has more than just one person running the show. Even the Catholic Church has more than the Pope running the show at the top. Absolute power by man breeds absolute corruption if left untamed and left without proper consult. So yes, companies MLM’s included can become corrupted if those in power create the corruption and insestualize it throughout their organization and they always meet their demise in a blaze of destruction as they should.

So what the heck am I saying? Am I defending MLM/Network Marketing? Am I saying they are all bad? Well if I am saying everything is MLM/Network Marketing then the answer is that each one must be evaluated one by one and only good and honest people can discern what is what. The reason my father failed time and time again is because he was blinded by his own intentions and goodness and believed others were acting in the same spirit. Blind faith is never good to give to man, only God, His Son, The Holy Ghost and Gods angelic servants deserve such consideration. Man is corruptible period.

Oh no so they are all bad and we should do nothing because then if we do nothing we can’t get hurt right? WRONG! The good guys will always get hurt but not all the time. We must band together and create good enterprise and support each others endeavors to make the world a better place. I now support MLM/Network Marketing because I know it is a perfect structure if used correctly. Having power is a great responsibility and can only be managed correctly if those holding such power bow to God and respect and follow His laws. We have created an honest system that supports all those who want to come and work for what they get. There are no handouts, no free rides just the promise that you can reap what you sow and that we will never leave you without giving you all you have earned. This I vow and have done all my life. If you want to know more about what we have created please contact me.

You have to take the red pill and see behind the looking glass to know