: a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about

Paradigm shift

  • a dramatic change in the paradigm of a scientific community, or change from one scientific paradigm to another.
  • a significant change in the paradigm of any discipline or group:
Putting skilled, tenured teachers in failing schools would cause paradigm shift in teaching and education.


Paradigm Shifts are Essential to Progression

As I continue to progress, learn, grow, develop different perspectives and realities and accept new knowledge as truth; I have paradigm shifts of immaculate proportion. Each time a paradigm shift occurs I find nothing is the same as it use to be. Some things no longer matter as much or at all. Some things matter much more and their level of importance is increased exponentially. Each shift has left me with expected and unexpected results and at times a great feeling of loss and confusion of my prior state, comforts or practices. Priorities are realigned with Gods plan for my life and my own personal desires and intentions seem to fade into another lifetime or reality of sorts. There is always a level of fear involved with I sense a shift about to happen because for some reason a future sense of loss exists on some plane of consciousness. Loss of a habit, loss of a food, loss of an activity or music, loss of a form of entertainment or loss of people that can no longer coexist in a new reality or paradigm. I know to some that all this sounds like a bunch of hooey, some (if not most) will scoff and make fun, some will roll their eyes and say “oh here he goes again” and turn off their ears and none of that bothers me any more. I feel compassion, understanding and disappointment but I understand, I was there once, I was once you. There are many past “me’s” and I hope all of us can have many past “us’s”. In order to progress, much like a reptile, we must shed the skins of our past and our ancestors pasts to shift into a new reality or level of understanding.

I am a person who no longer “lives” in this world. I am not part of it as in I do not think, eat, talk, listen to or partake in most accepted ways or methods of experiencing the aforementioned activities. I even find I cannot communicate with another person effectively at times because my language patterns have changed. Occasionally I fall into a pattern or habit of a past paradigm but it is different, altered and I experience it differently almost from an outside-looking-in viewpoint. It feels sort of like you are doing something you know you shouldn’t, it doesn’t feel or taste the same and the same pleasure seems to be lost as well. My belief is the reason for this minimized experience of past things is that I know what I did before does not coincide with my new level of consciousness or intelligence whether consciously or subconsciously. My subconscious mind has a perfect knowledge of how to do what I use to do however my new conscious mind resonates at a higher level or frequency which reminds me of two people singing off-key; it just feels wrong. Then I think, “I wish I could just enjoy this as I use to” then I argue with myself, “Really? You want to give up everything you have given up for a momentary gratification?” then I answer, “Yes, well maybe, hmm, I don’t know, arrgggggg”. It seems like I am always fighting with myself or at least my past self, when I fall into a pattern of a past paradigm and always, eventually must reaffirm my commitment to my current state of being and continue to work towards the next paradigm shift.

Falling Into Past Paradigm Habits

It is interesting to me how real the writings of the past in “scripture” is so accurate how we in this humanistic state are. We are told of prophets and peoples of the past and why they fell from grace or were disgraced by their choices or lack of clarity. We are no different, we are humans and all humans have the same fear based weaknesses however we experience them on different planes or at separate levels. When I fall into a past paradigm habit I experience a turbulence within my body and spirit that is more disruptive than it was in the past. It is almost a type of bi-polar experience where both of my paradigms wage war on each other. Not only do I know what I am doing is wrong, I know that I am creating a stretch or tear in my own space time continuum because I am creating altering frequencies that do not play well together. Think about when you are listening to some form of audio or video and a car drives by with loud music that conflicts with what you are enjoying, it creates frequency modulations that do not compliment each other and we become negative towards the intruding barrage of audible “noise”. “You’re messin with my mojo man! ” Or think of that same car driving by with something that resonates with you, something you like, what then? It creates harmony is an inharmonious state since both frequencies are not the same but they both resonate with you on some level. Our own reality or paradigm has a frequency, has a life or energy of its’ very own and everything outside of it creates turbulence or disharmony within us and around us.

My point in bringing up past paradigm habits manifesting themselves in the current reality is that, much like theoretical time travel, “the same object cannot occupy the same space”. So if the past you caught up with the present you there would be a melt down of time and space or you would just explode! All in theory but I think that theory holds well in explaining what I have experienced when this happens. The old me trying to tell the current me influencing the space it does not occupy any longer. But it is still here, somewhere, stuffed in the subconscious maybe? Stuffed in some locker marked “Paradigm 1992-1994”! Sort of like going to high school reunions and having similar feelings from when you were there around your peers. My wife and I experienced this a few months back when I had my 20 year reunion. Even though I am in all respects much different than I was then, I still felt some of those feelings of being left out or ignored by the popular people feeling. At least my wife was there to ground my reality, I think it is important to have something with us at all times that grounds us and pins us to our current layer of fabric we exist in. Maybe this is why addicts of any sort relapse or merge onto the lane of self-destruction because that memory or prior state is still there and all it takes is frequencies or vibrations of the past to wake them up. I believe we do have a conscious control over them even though I believe that control in itself is an illusion and we really control nothing. Maybe I should say I believe we do have a conscious ability by exercising our will or choice to move that energy to a place that cannot alter our current perspective, sort of like creating a force field that protects us and blocks foreign invaders, even the ones we banished or abandoned long ago. I suppose that this section correlates with scripture: “The Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance; nevertheless” (D&C 1:31–32), the Lord said, “he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more. 43 By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins—behold, he will confess them and forsake them.” (D&C 58:42). “…go your ways and sin no more; but unto that soul who sinneth shall the former sins return, saith the Lord your God.”(D&C 82:7)  “Forsake them” which would mean a past paradigm or prior habits that are not good. In these shifts it is my opinion that the good things we learn move with us to the next and compliment the things we learn there. But if we “sinneth” or have past paradigm habits return, it can create a disruption where all the former shift habits return and destroy or at least corrupt the existing paradigm. No wonder it can be much harder to relearn or repent again for something we keep doing over and over again, that action literally obliterates everything in its path and digresses us into a lower frequency or state. Everything I learn must coincide with scripture or there is something amiss and this fits perfectly.

My False Outward Persona

I call this my False Outward Persona and maybe it needs a new title however I feel I am not being real for the majority of the time. Most moments of most days I feel I cannot be who I really am (or at least what my consciousness and subconscious is allowing me to be), act on what I have learned, become what I am intended to become. I feel as if I am someone living in a worn out body with needs that conflict with my inner being or spirit and its’ needs. At times I feel more connected with it when I am more selfless, more disciplined and more spiritual where I have more peace and more connected to my divine potential. My belief is that all of us have many missions and conditions we have agreed to be placed in and complete or overcome. Some people call it destiny I call it fore-ordination and that if we live how we are intended to live, that destiny will manifest it as God has designed wills it.

My wife and I have been on a tremendous journey of self discovery and improvement where our eyes have been opened to the inner workings of worldly things as well as many of the eternities and spiritual aspects of our lives. In Gods eye all things are spiritual, it is only man that creates the separation. In this journey we have experienced major paradigm shifts and at times it feels more like a graduation of sorts or achieving the next level of a video game. We cannot tell anyone and have to have our own celebration or acknowledgement of the transformation between each other and sometimes it is an individual change that only ourselves can understand or know about. In any event, the change is rewarding in its own respect and creates a new world to explore and test its bounds to progress to the next paradigm. Every aspect of these new shifts distance myself from others still living in the world and of the world even those who are going down the same theocratic path are lost in the dust of the new reality which is why putting on a false outward persona is necessary to survive in a world that continually grows further away with each shift or level of consciousness. As much as I dislike Facebook, there are people who really get it and are striving to learn truth so I suppose we do “get out” a little bit. Let me know if you want in on some of these groups, they are quite refreshing at times and frustrating here and there also when someone comes in with nothing but negativity and hostility, I really detest those characteristics in people.

The World Experiences Paradigm Shifts Continually

Since the beginning of recorded history (which is the only linear timeline that exists in any reality) generations of man have reached points in their progression and learning where a paradigm shift was necessary to exist. At times the shift went so negative and destructive that God found it necessary to push the reset button such is the case with Noah and the flood that removed all the living from the world except for the few living beings within his ark. In my lifetime I have seen a number of shifts where what was one thing yesterday is no longer that thing today and again as in the times of Noah we are ripe to be destroyed and “reset” but much suffering and grief will happen before we hit that point. Our world exists as it never has before as a global communications network where in an instant knowledge and news can be shared with everyone that has a connection to the network. These things are good however when these things are used for evil and destructive ventures there is only one place where it can end up and that is to be removed or destroyed. All prophets have foretold events that have transpired, are transpiring and will transpire in the near and distant future which are all related to these paradigm shifts that transfer reality into a different state.

I would consider the 20th century as a series of paradigm shifts which has brought about the end of all things in this terrestrial level of existence. Once we reach a certain point it will be completely destroyed and only those who have remained pure and good, who have allowed the change in their hearts to shift their consciousness to higher and enlightening states. Those good people are the only ones that can “abide the day” the major shift in which all will know Jesus Christ exists and is the God of this world all others must be burned and turned to dust as the scriptures state because their current state of being is too low or too “sinful” to exist in such a radically enhanced state. It would be like an ice-cube being able to exist above 32 degrees or darkness to exist in the presence of light.

Light is the ultimate element that comes from God, he radiates light and is light which no darkness can coincide anywhere near Him. It is our ability and our destiny if we so desire to learn how to become as Him and that requires us to go through an innumerable amount of paradigm shifts both big and small. Information is ultimately found in His only true scriptures and church which contains a measure of His laws and “gospel” or code that can change us and transform everything about us. When light enters us it becomes part of us literally and figuratively as well as darkness can do the same thing if we allow it. Light is pure intelligence which is the action and conversion of the knowledge we have just as faith is the action of the beliefs we have. I can learn and be knowledgeable more than any man on earth and I am still as stupid as most others if I do not put that knowledge into action and have it become part of me, it would be better had I not known anything than to know something and not act upon it. The reason I have learned that it would be better if I did not know something unless I act on it is that it will be a witness against us and ultimately we will be found to be corrupted because we have code that would take us further and higher however we chose not to use it. How ungrateful are we! How we throw away the knowledge we have been given by a selfless and perfect Father in Heaven! All of us, me, you, everyone is guilty of this and the only way to progress is realize it, repent, change, act on what we learn until it becomes part of our DNA and move on to the next always remembering what we have learned and where we have been.

It is my prayer and hope that you may take something from these words to enhance your reality and aid in your personal progression. I love you and am grateful for you.