Month: January 2015

His Light Shines Forth as a Beacon of Truth & Righteousness!

Tonight my wife came in the office and said, “You have to check out the lighting of the temple with the low clouds surrounding it”, I jumped up and went to check it out. I drove around it and found a few thought provoking pictures. As we continue to witness the foretold events unfolding before our very eyes the lights, His light shines forth as a beacon of truth and righteousness against the heavy weight of the world. The symbol of our country is dimming in glory and will continue to till the saints of God resurrect it and...

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Fed: Expect strong U.S. economy in 2015

This was a headline for Jan 7, 2015 and it is all smoke and mirrors. If you really want to know what is going down this year, read the book “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn. They will keep telling everyone that everything is great, nothing to see here people when it is nothing but inflated baloney. “The Federal Reserve says lower energy prices may have a big positive impact on consumer spending and the economy.” Source: Market...

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The Real World in Which We Live

Over the years I have learned that everything I learned in my first 30 years upon this world were almost a complete intellectual loss. Almost everything I learned in school or from others about anything in life besides religion was false and they didn’t know it. Long ago up till our current location in space-time we have been intentionally mislead, lied to and controled to buy what “they” want us to buy, what “they” want us to eat and even think what “they” want us to think. Who are they? Tim McGraw has a song about an idea of...

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