Over the years I have learned that everything I learned in my first 30 years upon this world were almost a complete intellectual loss. Almost everything I learned in school or from others about anything in life besides religion was false and they didn’t know it. Long ago up till our current location in space-time we have been intentionally mislead, lied to and controled to buy what “they” want us to buy, what “they” want us to eat and even think what “they” want us to think. Who are they? Tim McGraw has a song about an idea of “they”. A book called The Committee of 300 has a Cicerobetter idea of who “they” are. They are everywhere, everything and everyone as all humans make up the “they”. What the collective conscious mind allows to influence our lives is the “they” as we control our perception and acceptance of information given to us. “They” are also those who decide what we are taught, what we listen to, the news we are given and any other form of controlled information which the masses soak up and make it FACT even though it is at best propaganda and a control method for all of us. But “They” only have power when we give it to them, without us “They” starve.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. ~ Marcus Tillius Cicero

Maybe “they” should be classed as “they” and “them” so we are not confused on who I am referring to. “They” being the elite and “them” being the masses who have soaked up the lies and slide of hand from “they”.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known as a Mormon, I will use LDS as the referred to label. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is pure knowledge, pure instructions for us to progress and change our bodies, jesus-christ-1138494-tabletminds and soul into higher intelligences. All of us can learn to grow and change but it requires a massive amount of terrain modification and letting go of control which is pure illusion anyways. All of us hold on to false paradigms and beliefs as we only know what we know by whatever source we consider a higher source of information. The Church is a very accurate source of information but many LDS members forget that all information comes from The Source, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, the Godhead who organized us and the universes we know of and can observe. Information, Knowledge, Intelligence, Truth.. it is all the same, it is all light from a loving Heavenly Father who wants all of us to progress to the state where we know he exists. Know not as in a belief or strong belief, know as in I am looking at Him, looking into His eyes, feeling His love and being in His presence.

I Know they are there but I have not seen them yet, I am still learning, purifying and humbling myself so I may one day have that witness. In the meantime I am altering my reality by learning about those things that can only be learned through The Spirit, this is where true learning comes from. There is only so much that man can teach us and man is always flawed in some way. In the past 7 years there has been an explosion of information about true subjects online and I wish to share those with you. Granted it is not 100% factual but I believe the information below is based off of an 19118268intense desire to discover the truth in all things. As you are watching these do not let the untrue portions cloud your mind or confuse you. God is indeed a real person as we are designed after His image. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and atoned for each of our sins, transgressions and afflictions. Christ paid the ultimate price that no other man in existence could make and he did it out of pure love for each of us. I bare witness they are separate individuals with one singular purpose, to bring about the immortality and eternal life to every single one of us. All it takes is for us to forget our selfish and entitled positions, personas and habits and put God before all things. Those that eliminate organized religion and in this case the LDS Church remove themselves from the ability to attain the fullness of truth and are limited in their progression. Do not be deceived by selfish pursuits that are contrary to the laws of God, Jesus Christ Himself is at the head of the LDS Church and His purposes are just that, His purposes and because we do not understand them do not mean that His chosen leaders have gone astray or are leading remove-kink-adjus into apostasy. Ordain Women, Gay “Rights”, and other movements are futile efforts and only show their own rejection of God and His reasons. We must humble ourselves and be submissive to His will. Being Damned means we are stopped in our progression and it is a personal choice. Don’t Be Damned!

The following links I share with you with one caution, pray for discernment between fact and fiction and pray for further light and knowledge to be given to you. Much of the following is true as I have not only experimented with it but know by the Spirit that it is true. We are all energetic beings living in a perceived materialistic world which also is only energy held together by forces which if we learned how to or believed enough could alter those forces and defy the rules that keep them in place.

We are the masters of our own environments and we decide how far we can progress, limitless is only a start, eternity is endless….


Body Terrain Modifications (AKA True Health & Nutrition)

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5A3ZdzBZeZdno-ZsCNiZA
    Subscribe to Earth Shift Project’s channel and stay informed every day. There is a lot of information in each video, so be sure to watch them a couple times to let all of the important, life changing ideas sink in. Our Focus: Sharing, Learning, Teaching, Investigating; Igniting ourselves and others to make the changes that optimize our health, which is ultimate wealth and happiness.Find his series on Body Terrain Modification – This is how to modify our bodies to higher levels.NOTE: I do not subscribe to the theory of reptillian people nor his religious views however the information and products he has developed is priceless. If you are looking for nutrition to hold you over for years no matter what food or lack thereof is available this is a must have for any preparation.


cymaticsAncient Knowledge

  • Part  1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVUU3p5iHMA
    The series you are looking for is Ancient Knowedge and it goes through Part 1,2,3,4,4.5,5,6/1,6/2,6/3 so eight all together. It will take you a while but it is worth every second. It is not something you can just listen to and get all the info, you really have to focus and pay attention!