I have been reading a book called, "The Energy of Hebrew Letters" by Rav Berg. It is a very interesting read and has many truths throughout. If you are looking for next level stuff and a different way of explaining the universe, energy, origins, etc.. read it, it's cool. Here is an excerpt I find right on and enlightening.

the energy of hebrew letters by Rav Berg“From the kabbalistic perspective, each of us is an integral part of the grand cosmic design. Whenever we experience ourselves as separate from the rest of the cosmos, we are falling victim to a dangerous illusion, an addictive myth that can cause us to persue personal gain at the expense of others and to crave more and more intensely to satisfy the Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone. This error can cause us to narrow our focus to include only petty personal concerns. Living this way can alienate those closest to us and distort our perceptions, not only of ourselves and others, but even of time and space.”

The curse of mankind is not desire itself, but only the negative aspect of desire: the Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone.

“Pitted against the Dark Lord, humankind has not fared well. Despite humanity’s concerted efforts to achieve peaceful coexistence, Satan continues to maintain discord within the universe. No plan for peace seems adequate to lessen the tension between the nations of the world. War, strife, and pestilence still reign supreme. Human history stands as an indelible reminder of the failure of good ideas to penetrate the human heart. The precepts of the major religions, for example, have been articles of faith for centuries, yet the benefits of religion appear minuscule in the shadow of the horrors of the wars fought in its name. The ongoing holocausts of genocide, global war, mass murder, torture, and terrorism–not to mention the atrocities committed by humankind against the Earth and her precious resources–forewarn of a troubling future, as negative forces continue to emerge from the depths of the human psyche.”.

“The excruciating irony of it all is that even with hard evidence staring us in the face, we still persist in maintaining destructive illusions. Ideas alone will never transform human behavior. Only consciousness is capable of penetrating to the essence of the human condition.” Rav Berg