The events that are unfolding at an ever increasing rapid pace before our dull cow eyes which are being missed because of self-inflicted ignorant waves of media bias and shadows of overreaching government. Business is going on as usual and transactions are continuing to occur meanwhile those who have been planning our demise for over a century are closing down shop, saying their goodbyes and heading for their heavily stocked bunkers deep in the earth as if they know what is coming. As if they are part of what is coming and have prepared accordingly to the suggestions of those higher up, those who pull the ultimate strings of the world wide web of man-made catastrophes that have happened and will continue to culminate into an unmanageable cluster of chaos.

Very few will make it, very few will understand it when it hits and very few will understand there is no man-made escape. All of us are about to endure our greatest trials to date and many will take their own lives for fear will be greater than the desire to live. Fear will rule the streets and our neighbors and our powers that be. A rampage of violence will erupt across the country and spread to the world engulfing the innocent making them victims of desperation. Financial collapse is imminent and will occur in it’s orchestrated time.

There is no escaping or knowing when exactly our confusion will begin even though it begun generations before us and has led to a complete breakdown of reality. A reality where the illusion is our dreams, our aspirations and motives to get up every day and make something of ourselves. Is it a futile effort to dream anymore about success or financial gain? Is it arrogance and ignorance that blindly create a false hope and a false goal to somehow gather enough supplies to take care of our every need when the need arises? There is no escaping the trials we are meant to endure if we are on the Lords side, the Lord of light our God in heaven our Savior and Brother Jesus Christ. He is our only way through this mundane pathetic excuse for a world we live in and of course I meant the world which man has corrupted and created and used for it’s pleasure like a dog scratching an itch that is lodged deep in it’s hind quarters dragging it along a scratchy ground drying to get that itch but never being satisfied. All of us have been willing and unwilling maybe not so knowing contributors of the mind control games that have engulfed all of humanity or should I say those who have no humanity left. For those who have humanity must be those who also understand that all things are created by Him and through Him and no thing could be created unless it was allowed to be created and organized for us, His children, His creations, His ultimate accomplishment in His journey through the ages of timeless existence.  Do any of us really understand our full potential while here in this realm of existence? Do any of us want to really know?

An ever increasing following of a rapturous event to take them away from this earthly boundary are attempting to travail this course with their own intelligence or lack thereof. It is a lack thereof that would lead someone to think that the boundaries of this world are able to be manipulated and controlled by a mere mortal. It is nothing but pure misguided and misdirected false light that directs the affairs of those who could be righteous but are more like righteous followers of the devil if there is such a thing. Righteous in the purpose of having their own exodus from the controlling powers and limiting cranial bleed that oozes from the controllers of this world but not righteous in the fact their God is no God at all and is nothing but the misdirector that has blinded men and women alike since Cain first slew Abel. The only rapture that is coming is for those who see Jesus Christ for who he really is and even then we have much to overcome before we meet Him again. He will be with us along the way when we need His guidance and protection. He will be whispering in our ears but more so in our souls, our spirits of ethereal matter which is so fine that only the penitent and pure of heart and mind and soul can possibly view.  Their rapture will be one of blood, of sorrows and tribulations so great that they will forget about their rapture and pray for death but will not find it. Some will see the light, the true light that gives life but most will hold on to a recently dwindling paradigm that is fading into another age, a prior age of woolish eye coverings that are woven into our eyelids and through the center part of our natural eyes piercing our natural man within us.

Very few see, and even those that seem to see only see a limited view of what they think is understood by their selves which has a duality which is veiled from us. I only see what my current condition allows and I continue to hold on to earthly materials of animate and inanimate objectives that curve and twist around the very DNA that is within me. But no matter how closely intertwined those contagious lines of misguided terrestrial panes of shattered strands of glass are, they can be broken if I can remove the parts of my subconscious that are programmed to maintain a deathly grasp on them. There has emerged an energetic code of sorts that we can learn to do this, that we can learn to remove the unmovable like the days before the crane or the dump truck these energetic cancers can be removed by sheer will and magnetism. Freeing us from the sins of our fathers and their mothers and beyond. Through Christ Jesus we have been set free and are being taught to transverse the reality that others are trapped within and we will break FREE!

Little time is left to prepare. Little time is left to warn as us watchmen are to warn others. Little by little some are listening and little by little we will make it. We must learn to use what we have and learn to look within what we have to the things that we do not know are there. A universe exists within us and inside them is more space to continue the treck and explore to realms of unfathomable reaches within and all around us. Our energies are entangled and intertwined and we must bridge the gap that exists between the connective tissues of our minds that are sticky with a buildup of lies and deceit and intentional misdirection. All of us can travail the paths that lead to God through Jesus Christ and His gospel and no amount of lessons or instruction by any mass body of teachers can tell us, we must learn it for ourselves what is real and break down the illusions that exist as layers of an onion. We are in a holographic universe and we create the environments we exist in which truly if we understood the true meaning of existing I suppose it would be impossible to describe with our limited vocabulary and means of communication. I am ready to be taught more and changed more into the person I covenanted to become. Here is my proclamation, here is my voice, here is my covenant with the Father! Lead me, guide me, be my guide into a greater tomorrow and help me bring those who are ready.

Please help us all, In Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.

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