With all the race baiting, same-sex anything, vaccinationing (yeah I know it’s not a word), obamacare, birth choices, dietary choices, fearmongering, etc.. We should keep one thing in mind, being Politically Correct is a POLITICAL movement and we need not comply to the machine telling us what we should call things. Misslead = Lie, Racism = Discrimination, Same Sex marriage isn’t a personal choice it’s an abomination to God’s law and isn’t anyones RIGHT. Flying a flag of a previous version of the US isn’t racist and it didn’t mean anything about racism when it was flown. Common Core is an agenda by a communist type of directive. And YES all your communications and activity and files are deliberately shared with your computer/tablet/mobile devices manufacturer and Internet Provider and there is NOTHING you can do about it and it is invasion of privacy and theft. Any mandate is assault on our liberty/bodies/rights not common concent!

The PC movement creates and labels things so you have to go along with THEIR interpretation. Republican, Democrat, Independent, it doesn’t matter. Call it what it is, don’t sugar coat it and lie about whatever it is. So sick of all that crap.

If that offends you too bad. I am a non-traditional Deciple of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a vegan/vegetarian MOST of the time. I do not vaccinate my children and never will under any circumstance. I will not get “health” insurance. I will not get an RFID chip even if it meant I go hungry and starve. I am a prepper of source if prepping means becoming self-sustainable and being prepared to provide for my family in the event that all services are haulted for a time or forever due to any event. I carry a gun and will use it if absolutely necessary to protect the lives of me and my family. I will not depend on a broken system to meet my every or any need. I know there are mirads of truths deliberately hidden from us and I am trying to learn them ALL from almost any source deemed worthy by myself.

Long story short, we need to be who we really are, say what we really mean and stop falling short of being clear of our stances on anything and everything. Sure we can be nice about it if the situation allows but enough of this stupid PC movement, call it what it is and if that is passing judgement and if you think making that kind of judgement is wrong, too bad, that’s just another PC lie we tell ourselves. We all judge, just make sure you have all the facts before the judgement is passed. I expect each of you to judge me by my works and what you know I do and believe, none of us should be exempt from that.

Ok now back to work! (talking to myself)


One response said: “I suspect the lack of vaccines and health insurance is going to set him back financially at some point…”

My Response: “…not to ruffle feathers but here is the real truth on that. If I were to pay for health insurance it would cost me 14,400 a year for premiums alone and that is for a perfectly healthy family. That would be, ready for this? A whopping $100,800 for the past 7 years!!!! Over the past 7 years I have needed around 8,000 to cover my actual medical expenses largely because I get hurt or my kids fall and get hurt so most of it is ER overcharges. They put me on a $100/mo payment plan and it’s paid off in a few years. Because of our choices we will continue to save thousands and thousands if not our own lives in the process.”