A new friend of mine was discussing the Israelites 40 years wandering in the wilderness & how similar that is to the world today with jobs and retirements and real freedom being right around the corner. A mentor of mine pointed out in a training we had a week back in AZ about these similarities and it really got me thinking about the striking similarities. The Israelites had freedom right around the corner but they kept twiddling their thumbs cursing their food supply and remaining angry and their conditions and locked in foolish traditions. When the time for healing was needed they only needed to look on a staff to be healed and they wouldn’t even do that. Isn’t that so similar to how life is here? Here are my thoughts:
I was always told to get good grades, learn a trade or get a degree, get a job, work the job(s) charade forever, invest in 401k’s & mutual funds & other things to save for retirement @ 65, it might have been 55 then, then live on retirement & social security and hopefully have saved a little extra along the way to do all the fun things you always wanted to do but couldn’t due to always saving for the future, well till you get sick & die which eats up most of those savings. Seems to be a typical lifespan for much of the population… Life as most of us have experienced it does not reflect anything near that plan, only if we got lucky with inheritance and didn’t have to split it 5 ways maybe, the percentage is very small. In any event, “if we don’t create leveraged income we are being leveraged” and this is the story of our life. I talk to people every day who were beaten down by the system and got nothing for their efforts who are forced to live off the system which penalizes them for working. The system was designed for slavery & their profit, not ours.
Here’s a few fun statistics that people stuck in the matrix have to look forward to if they actually make it to retirement:
Retirement Statistics
– Average retirement age 63
– Average length of retirement 18 years
– Average savings of a 50 year old $42,797
– Average net worth of a 55-64 year old $45,447
– Total cost for a couple over 65 to pay for medical treatment over a 20-year span $218,000
– Percentage of people ages 30-54 who believe they will not have enough money put away for retirement 80%
– Percentage of Americans over 65 who rely completely on Social Security 36%
– Percentage of Americans who don’t save anything for retirement 38%
– Number of Americans who turn 65 per day 6,100
– Percentage of population that is 65 years of age or older 13%


If this post depresses you then maybe it hit too close to home. Maybe an alternate plan could make all this info irrelevant to you. There are scams a plenty out there to rob us of our dreams and finances but there are some that are legitimate businesses that provide financial freedom & time freedom. I am not saying join me or follow me, that is not my point. Just because we have all tried a few side things or invested in someone or something that didn’t work or turned out to be not what they claimed or it was a one-sided relationship doesn’t mean they are all bad. If you dated when you were a teenager then because you didn’t find THE ONE and just stopped I am pretty sure most of us would agree that would be ridiculous. Some people find their lifetime partner young and stay together forever & some people can never seem to get it right. Maybe it’s not them maybe it’s “you” who needs to change and see things differently, that’s what I learned, I had to change to see life differently and attract or manifest my goals and dreams into reality. If we can up our frequency all lower frequencies have to resonate elsewhere. I had to eliminate negative people & practices from my life no matter the closeness of them.
My motto is never to give up on your dreams! Damn the nay sayers and negative influences. Damn the system that keeps us down Just Over Broke. Find something you are passionate about and learn it, then become it, then teach others who are willing to listen. Nobody changes by force but by the freedoms within us when we choose to allow them to change our programming.
If you actually read this I appreciate you and your time and would appreciate any commentary you feel to share, with one exception, if you are going to be negative and hateful there is no room for your commentary here.