I am in no way a professional writer however I love to write. I know I use a lot of run-on sentences and incorrect punctuation. I may even get off on a tangent that leads to another tangent then high-tails it to a completely different interstate or country at times and I hope that I eventually find my way back to make my point. I am attempting to keep my identity private as I am not ready or prepared for the public attention some of the things I have learned may accumulate. If you know who I am please keep my identity in confidence till I am inspired to release it. I am of no significance in my life according to the world and my concealment may be in vain or unnecessary however I appreciate your confidentiality.

Feel free to share anything you find here with whomever you choose, the information contained on this Blog is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge which is enhanced continuously so portions may be removed or modified at any time.

I am the average human being living in the grand US of A however over time I have realized that the reality we are “educated” about and what most people think exists is not really what it seems. Much like OZ or The Matrix we live in a fabricated form of reality and only a few know what lies behind the curtains or within the code we experience every moment of every day.

My goal with this site is to explain what I have learned in a manner that coincides with my belief system of being kind but truthful, honest yet respectful and acknowledging that I may never know everything and that all knowledge comes from our creator God and his Son Jesus Christ. Yes, I am “one of those” “religious nut-jobs” and an “original constitution” supporting lover of liberty and freedom.

In a recent political analysis test I took I actually ranked in the “libertarian left” category which really surprised me but I was in good company with the Dalai Lama and Gandhi, not sure about Alexis Tsipras though, I don’t think I am like any of them but I suppose my policies may coincide with some of there’s. Politically I don’t care for any of it that exists in this country at this time, it’s all bad, too many self-promoting interests and control freaks trying to line their own pockets and gain as much control as possible. I would say I am more of a socialist however not the communist/dictator type. I relate and agree with many of the policies the NWO are trying to put in place however they miss one fundamental right we all have, the right to choose for ourselves. They are trying to force a New World Order and Religion on all of us, that is not the way God works, that is the work of the adversary and is purely luciferian. Only one society in all of the history of this race on this planet has had success in a socialist type of government, the City of Enoch. Where the community and others come first. Where love and charity is each persons attitude towards everyone and everything. Where they look to Gods laws and to Him personally as their top authority, that is a Theocracy and it is socialist in nature except for a pretty important element, personal property and rights. Wikipedia says, “Socialism is a social and economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy…” The whole cannot own everything, everyone must still be able to build what they want, do what they want, be who they want with the goal of helping the whole improve and become better because of their actions and with everyone looking to God and His chosen leaders, there would not really be a need for a government except to maybe settle some disputes but even those would be little if any. Love everyone and everything is my motto and it is NOT a learned behavior, Love is beaten and stomped out of us from the time we enter this world till the day we leave it.

In actual history is the story how Gods laws are the ONLY set of rules, laws, directions, blueprints, instructions, plans, authority on what is right and good and harmonious in this place we call home, Earth. The Luciferian doctrine that is commanding most peoples lives has infiltrated every level of our current reality however there is hope, a hope and knowledge that good/God wins in the end and it is our job to help Him in His purposes with love, understanding and kindness and tolerance of opposing views. With Love and Charity for all, we can truly aid Him in his master plan ” to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” .

Even within my own religion I am alone much of the time however there are sparks of light tearing at the fabric of time and space which will shine brightly for others to find their way. I look for these beacons of light and hope you are one or may become one.

I seek no credit for myself, no acknowledgement from anyone of what I know and no praise for “getting it”, I simply want to share and help all of us think and expand our minds. All credit goes to my master, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has saved us all through His Grace. Our minds are the only limitations we have to progress, we ourselves hold the keys or the chains whichever we choose.

God does exist, he is in reality a man who we are designed after, He is the master blueprint of the body we are gifted with, we owe everything to Him. All Glory goes to God forever more. Too many learned men and women are turning to what a friend of mine calls, “unadulterated Luciferianism – revealing true mysteries while denying their actual Author (God)”. Removing the existence of a God while acknowledging intelligent design is definitely part of what we experience in this reality which is a contradiction in itself. All things, and I mean ALL things prove the existence of God because all things of him are perfect and by design. Sure one could argue, “well there are flaws in things, especially us” yes, but where they intentional and are they really flaws? I see us, as the example as the flaw, as individual beings who have always existed and will always exist who were given a chance/test/opportunity to progress from one who has been where we are now and where we were before here. We must have “flaws” in order to repair those flaws ourselves but here is the catch, alone we can do nothing to be repaired, we have to submit to Gods will for him to fix us through His Son Jesus Christ. Sorry if you disagree, that is the truth and literally the only thing in all I have ever learned from any culture or writing that truly and completely mends us to the point where we can one day abide His presence and stand before him and be able to withstand/absorb/be a part of His glory.

The battle between good and evil has always existed and is almost over, almost being a relative and finite term since I do not believe that God calculates time as we do. He sees things in a more circular and “everything at once” type of view as he states in scripture he sees the end from the beginning and, ” “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, … which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” (Rev. 1:8.). Gods Son Jesus Christ will return and overthrow the wicked kingdoms of the world, which is pretty much all of them and to this end we prepare for his coming. We prepare, grow, progress, learn, open our minds and follow the dictates of His spirit that resides within us as we follow him and abide by His laws and honor the covenants we have made with Him in His temples and sacred places.

I bare witness of these things and say them with love and in the name of my Master, my Lord and Savior, the Son of the ever living God, Jesus Christ. Amen